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Giftlookout is a Marketplace

Designed for UK crafters and creatives.

Giftlookout.com exists today to provide an affordable e-commerce platform solution for UK crafters and designers to sell on.

Our vision? 

1: To create an affordable selling platform that really supports UK craft businesses.

2: To reward our sellers with 100% full payment on every product they sell with us. 

Other marketplace today charge a fee and take a huge commission. We don’t take a penny. 

3: Creating a platform that is highly valued by our customers, secure, easy to use and above all, a place to find that inspirational gift for any occasion.


How does it all work?

We are a UK-based online marketplace, where you can shop from thousands of UK artists, makers and creatives.

Built on a secure and powerful framework, has a simple to use user interface.

Our website is designed to target mobile users that are always on the go, making online shopping fun and providing a seamless user experience throughout.

Our in-house product and marketing teams work directly with our crafters and designers, ensuring products are of good quality.

We are here to promote your product through our various campaign channels, gaining maximum exposure also generating sales.

They say, “The more places you sell on, the more sales you’ll likely to generate.”

We say “By selling on Giftlookout.com, we will ensure your products are placed directly in front of potential shoppers.”

Our support team will work to assist you with all your inventories, product listings, branding, photography, content creation and much more, ensuring you’ll get maximum exposure.

We understand the challenges ahead and we want to be able to work with you to achieve greatness.

Take a look around. We are always on the lookout for new inspiring gift ideas. 

So if you have something special or unique don’t you think we should know about it?

Why not sign up today and start selling with us, learn more about how it works.

Look we even have our own special helper called “Deputy Dawg” who is always on the lookout too. 

Thank you and best wishes.

The Giftlookot Team

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