Our pricing

1 Month
.00 £
10% Commission
No Listing Fees.
Internal Page Listings.
Full Market Exposure.
Unlimited Listing
Home Page Listing.
Premium Badge.
Discount Feature.
12 Months
.00 £
10% Commission
No Listing Fees.
Internal Page Listings.
Full Market Exposure.
Unlimited Listing
Home Page Listing.
Premium Badge.
Discount Feature.

Why sell with Giftlookout?

1: Originality is what we do best!

We only source out the best handmade products to display on our website. Making our site fresh, giving our customers more reasons to keep returning.

2: No commission is taken on your sold items.

Great news, Giftlookout does not take any reward in selling your products. Every single items sold by us is yours to keep, we do not take a single penny.

3: Mobile optimised.

Our website is built on a powerful framework, which has a very simple to use interface. Designed especially for mobile users that are always on the go. Making online shopping fun at the same time providing a seamless user experience throughout.

4: Low monthly subscription.

We have a low monthly subscription fee that starts from £5.00 per month.

These monthly fees will help us by allowing us to re-invest more on your products getting visibility via search engines, email marketing campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns and much more.

Sellers can opt in for a 12 months subscription package and save a further £10.00 off the total.

You are not tied down to any agreement and can cancel your subscription at anytime.

5: We can import your products from Etsy.

Yes, that’s right, we can import your entire content from Etsy to our marketplace. This will save you a lot of time and the hassle of re-uploading.

6: We have a friendly support team on standby.

We have a team of friendly staff who are willing to help you with any enquiries you may have.

We are available on a 24/7 helpline and on email should you need to contact us.

7: Security is paramount to us.

We take security very seriously. Our website is protected from any malware or virus. We have our SSL certification, meaning everything you do on our website is absolutely secure.

We also use Paypal + Stripe to process all transaction which is totally encrypted and secure to give our site users the peace of mind they need.

8: Your shop, your rules.

You can now setup your very own store front. You’ll be provided with your very own unique URL to share with customers, friends and family.

9: Tracking your online sales.

Sellers can track their sales, see all search results, reviews, stock availability, monitor invoices and much more directly from their own dashboard.

10: We are not an overcrowded marketplace.

As we are a growing marketplace, we believe that now is a great time to join us. We are running weekly promotions, networking community engage meetings to get more and more customers to visit our website.

By using our platform your products will be visible to the thousands of customers we have visiting our website. How do we promote your products then?

We have various ways of reaching out to new customers. Here are just a few ways we acheive this:

1: SEO check on all products added.

We run an SEO check on ALL your products to ensure it meets Google satisfactory requirements. If you not sure of this please read this section from google.

google analytics

We check to see if you have the correct META description, Keywords, in addition we also run a check for any duplicate contents as Google can penalise your page.

2: Ad campaigns.

We will be running a series of ad campaigns to reach out to new customers who are generally looking to buy personalised, handmade or unique gifts on a week by week basis.

3: Weekly content creation.

By running weekly blog posts on your products, we remain relevant to all search engines and your products are noticed via other traffic channels.

4: Video marketing.

We can also help in creating and uploading videos of branded products via our video gallery page. Video marketing is a powerful way of getting you products seen by thousands of online users.

We can assist with the creation of this. Get in touch with us today at hello@giftlookout.com.

If you are looking for something in particular why not contact us directly at hello@giftlookout.com where someone will be able to answer your queries.

Many thanks

Giftlookout Team